Tubes and crystals

Currently I am using a 1975 pioneer 9500ii amp
I gave away my high end sony 1989 amp
I also parted ways with the big kenwoods
So now I’m using a set of acoustic research ar94-si
And some big 12inch fishers

I traded a big technics amp, which was valuable
For a 1978 Sears tube/crystal? Tuner/8track/phono

It sounds AMAZING!!!!!

Just the radio signal played through to the big speakers
There are things in the songs I have never heard before

I guess my follow up to that would be.if you delete an account should that mean that all the information is deleted as well?and if it’s not deleted then if the posts are kept on a server that intends to make money on the art.if people do buy the pieces who gets the money?questions.questions.

Lost hitch hiker

Yesterday I was surfing the web and decided to look my self up.not so much me but someone I used to be.i buried myself and erased what could have been.thousands of pictures and writings and art having a person riding in your head and it causing havoc destroying everything you I pulled over let him out and kept driving.well I found him not sure how I feel about seeing what happens when I went crazy again.loosing control and not being emotionally prepared is an artists paradise.but it’s sad to see it looking from the outside if watching like a stranger but knowing what was going is messy.

Weed eating

Today I went over to the old house and cut the grass.or at least made a dent in the task of getting the yard looking decent.we have a renter house about 15 minutes away from where we was our first house.when we knew that my son was going to be born we decided to get a bigger place to live.every time I go over there I remember how much I dislike cutting someone else’s yard.but alas the tenants have moved out so it must be done is incredible the things people do to avoid work or paying their bills.this renter was our best one yet we hated to see her go.she actually paid the rent and it was nice having a responsible person in there.but like the rest of the renters the place is pretty gross.with every passing renter I learn new ways of people trying to skate on a bill or pass the buck.these renters left without calling.turned off the breaker.and took everything that wasn’t nailed down(except for the appliances).they left those.whew!they even took the soap less Brillo pads.
I can’t win I guess.people will try to get away with anything they possibly can.people that rent spend their money on cable cigarettes and beer.people that pay a mortgage spend their money on food clothing and shelter.
The renter before this one quit paying the power and water bill.had the power meter removed by the power company.the water locked by the water instead of fixing the madness he started stealing power and drinking out of a sixty year old well!!
Good grief