Blues and reds
Poetic verse
Rhymes and threads
Hello I say
Good evening too
A day at work
A time to play
I say
I talk too much
Nothing moves like the slope of a “J”
The swoop of a crane
Past a mist of the bay
Crash course from a fire
Lighting trees by the mile
Sitting low on the ground
Writing verses and nonsense
Jotting notes about now.
Pain I saw in her eyes
She pushed past the thought
Of speaking out
Doing things backwards
Is not here style
Yet the order of things..
Well I think she is in tune with order.
Life has a rhythm..timing more so.
So in a sense I understand why she acted in that way.
But…outside looking in…I see what bad timing looks like in a face.
Finding something at the wrong time

Slip sliding away.. I walk into the living room to get the couch ready for my son.there are ants in his room we can’t seem to drive them away(my wife has started jokingly calling me the ant whisperer)
we’ve been letting him sleep on the couch.because of the stupid ants.
As I’m walking around in the dark.i start to slide on the floor.and like an insane episode of Tom and jerry it takes all of me not to fall on my ass!

Night night!