Great weekend

Filled to the top my weekend was.friday at five until has been a nice daughters cheer leading,my short lived concession stand stay,my sons football game,lots of things.
Beautiful weather,great skies,decent fast food.
Fantastic meal at Olive Garden.chicken parmisian and salad and bread sticks and flat bread pizza thingy! Whoa fatso!
Today we had my sons bday party at the cake cokes and more had a lot of I painted spiderman faces too.
What do people do without kids?
We manage our clock so there is time to do is great.
On a stranger I was playing jetpack watching.churchy tv(we don’t have cable)
I started listening to the dude talking about the size of heaven and where it said the dimensions it in the bible.then he talked about the streets of gold.etc..etc..
THEN he said about you get what you put into the process of heaven..and don’t end up in on ghetto side of the street there.
…what the crap?..

I’m going to go crazy comparison.we made a trip to Walmart Saturday and I saw cookies stuffed with brownies.?!?.
Do I live in a cave?
How can there be a ghetto heaven?.(lol)
And stuffed cookies with brownies?….awesome!

Ying and yang baby..

Have a great evening